The company BottleBooking SARL (hereinafter "" or "BB") is a French company with a capital of 30,000 euros, whose head office is located at 11 Bis Place de la Nation, 75011 Paris, France, registered in Paris, France, under the number RCS - 752 974 360.
These general conditions are valid from September 1st, 2014. This edition cancels and supersedes all previous versions.
Article 1. Definitions and application fields

1.1 Definitions

The definitions below have the same meaning whether used in singular or plural. "Merchant Offer" or "OM" means bids defined in Article hereof.
"Site" means the website available at and
"Member" means any user of the Site who navigates, takes note, reserves and orders one or more services offered on the Site.
"Partner" means all providers of services, for example: nights establishments, the janitorial.
"Benefit" means any services offered on the Site.
"Ambassador" means a natural or legal partner, responsible for inviting new members and promote events.
1.2 Application Fields

These general conditions of use (hereinafter "General Conditions ") govern the provision and delivery of services.
Control benefits is restricted to members having previously read the General Conditions in their entirety and have accepted by checking the box or by clicking on the hyperlink provided for this purpose. Without this acceptance, the continuation of the process control is technically impossible.
Consequently, the order process completion on the Site is expressly by the Member of these general conditions acceptance.
Are also applicable to the offer and services delivery, on terms identical to the General Conditions, the specific conditions Partners (hereinafter the "Specific Conditions"). Specific Conditions Acceptance by Member occurs at the time the order.
The General Conditions may be modified at any time without notice, provided that such changes will not apply to orders for services previously performed. It is therefore imperative that the Member shall consult and agree to the General Conditions when he places his order, in particular to ensure the provisions in force.
Article 2. Membership Conditions and Membership Cards

2.1 Membership Conditions
By using the BB Website and Services, you declare that you are at least eighteen 18 years old.
The use of BB service and membership into our community is not available to the general public and requires an invitation from an existing Ambassador, who has not been suspended or removed from our Ambassador program.
By joining the BB service, you acknowledge that you meet our membership requirements. As a Member, you cannot have more than one Member Account, or open an alternative account if your membership is suspended, restricted or terminated for any reason. You cannot share, sell or transfer a membership account to another person or accept an invitation to use an account that was not originally yours. If an account does not meet these conditions, the account will be terminated immediately.
You cannot use a pseudonym or alias. You agree that all information you provide about yourself in your personal profile or in any other area of ??the site is accurate. False or misleading information is sufficient reason for us to cancel your account.
BB reserves the right to verify the authenticity of your identity and profile information, in particular to unlock the spending limit threshold of 2500 EUR by loading your ID or passport in your settings. You agree that BB has no liability for any information that is incorrectly checked.
By registering on our platform, you declare that you are not a competitor of BB and do not use the BB service for reasons that are in direct competition with BB.
You agree that you will not infringe trademark rights, copyright or any other right of BOTTLE BOOKING.
2.1 Loyalty “BB Miles”
BOTTLE BOOKING reward your loyalty with "BB Miles" program: with every expense you can earn BB Miles points, allowing you to gain rank (GOLD, PLATINUM and ELITE) and giving you access to many services, events and gifts, provided by our Partners.
1 Reservation = 1000 BB Miles
GOLD 5 - 20 bookings
PLATINE 21 - 50 bookings
ELITE > 50 bookings

2.2 Membership Card 

You agree that you are personally responsible for all costs, including taxes, charges or payments that may or may not be required to redeem BB Member privileges.
You are required to use your BB Member card jointly with a valid picture ID to verify your identity status. Our partners may require you presenting a valid picture ID. The name on your ID must match the name of your membership card and your BB account.
Your membership card will be sent within 15 to 60 days after your first booking, validated by our Customer Service.
Member cards whose accounts are unused for more than 12 months will be void.
Membership cards are not transferable and may only be used by the member to whom the card was issued. It is not allowed that someone other than the cardholder use the member card for any purpose.
If the name on the card does not match the name of your account, or if a person other than the cardholder or member tries to use your membership card, your account will be suspended or terminated for cause. BOTTLEBOOKING reserves the right to terminate your membership and cancel your card validity.
If the BB member card is lost, stolen or damaged, a new card can be issued at a cost of 20 euros per replacement. Members who submit many orders of lost card will be reported to our Customer Service.
BB is not responsible for lost, stolen or damagedmembership cards, nor responsible for any problems arising from the use of the BB member card
Article 3. Book Online

3.1 Capacity - Using Site

The Site function is to assist the member in searching for services and in making appropriate orders, as well as entering into any transaction relating to the Partners. The Member must be at least 18 years old and be legally able to enter and use the Site in accordance with the general conditions.
Except in cases of fraud, which the member has to proof, the member is financially responsible for his actions on the Site, especially for the use made of its name and its Member password. He also guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided on the Site.
Use of the Site that is fraudulent or contrary to these general conditions, justify refusal to Member, at any time,to access to services offered by and its Partners or other Website features.
Signs of overuse, suspicious activity, fraud or the misuse of booking services found on this website may lead to cancellation by of reservations associated with your reservation name, email address or account as well as the closure of Bottle Booking accounts you are associated to. If you have used this site fraudulently reserves the right to sue you in court. Therefore, you may be liable for incurred by, including litigation costs and monetary losses damages. To contest the cancellation of a reservation, blocking or closing of an account, please contact customer service:
3.2 Transfer and cancellation of orders
The set of proposed BottleBooking offers are subject to availability.
The order confirmation, which includes the essential elements, such as the identification of (the) Service (s) ordered and the price will be forwarded to the Member by email within a maximum of one business day. To ensure receipt of our emails, please add to your address book.
All Cancellation or refund terms are available either on site prior to booking, and if so indicated on the order confirmation.
If a refund is granted to the Member, the sums previously paid will be re-credited to the account corresponding to the debit card used when ordering by having transaction costs deducted.

During the validation of your reservation, you will be charged immediately in the selected currency for the percentage specified in the booking steps. The amount of taxes and the exchange rate may vary within the period elapsing between booking and event.
The reservation services price is equal to the amount posted online, except in cases of obvious errors. Prices and packages offered may change at any time; however, these changes have no impact on bookings already made. Despite ongoing efforts some reservation services can sometimes appear on the website at the incorrect price.
BOTTLE BOOKING SARL reserves the right to correct any pricing errors on its website and on pending reservations displaying an incorrect price. In such circumstances, we will propose, if possible, to keep your pending reservation and pay the correct price directly in the establishment or cancel your reservation without penalty. is under no obligation to provide reservation services at an incorrect (lower) price, even if you have received a booking confirmation.

You may cancel your reservation by logging into your account on under "Booking" or by sending an email to cancel@bottlebooking.comCancellations are possible only up to one hour before the start of the event for which you have booked. In this case, you will be refunded by bank transfer within 30 business days after the approval by our team. In case of a special events (Private parties, Christmas, Halloween, New Year's Eve, BottleBooking promotion parties, Grand Prix, Movie Festivals) ; there is no refund possible ; you can be offered only a credit to use in the next 3 months following your cancellation. Non-cancellation of a reservation before the event generates the non-repayment of the deposit.
The Member agrees to be informed, inform guests and meet domestic policy and eligibility of the facility and the event for which he makes a reservation. The establishment reserves the right of access to customer. If the customer, all his guests or some of them , is denied entry to the establishment where the booking was made , the Member may request a refund within 48 hours, our team will then contact the establishment for confirmation of non- admission and the reasons thereof . If this is the case you will be refunded by bank transfer within 30 businesses days. In case the client or one of his guests did not respect the internal politics of the establishment, a refund cannot be made.
Partners may charge a cancellation fee on their side. Fees vary according to booking so please check your e-mail confirmation for more details.
These conditions and restrictions may not be altered by an unauthorized person, including employees.
You agree to pay any cancellation fee that will be charged by BB. You agree to comply with the conditions and restrictions regarding your prepaid reservations.
Article 5. Services Detail
The purpose of this paper is to propose a retail services in the interests of informing the Member. This detail is not exhaustive and does not replace the Specific Conditions of the Partners. offers on the Site Events Services, especially in nightclubs and private beaches. OM are all services provided directly to Members For all other services, acts on its behalf and on behalf of various partners.
Unless otherwise provided by law, this detail cannot be a source of obligations or liability on the part of Bottle Booking SARL.
5.1 formalities

The member has to become aware of the Domestic Policy of each establishment in which it reserves.
We draw your attention to the fact that the regulations of some countries impose a minimum age of 21. If particularly because of non-compliance with these formalities, the Member was unable to fully benefit from the reservation, the price paid can’t be refunded in any case.
5.2 Activities

It may happen that some events and services offered by Partners and included in the description on the Site, are removed especially for climatic reasons and deadline.
The cancellation of any activity in a case of absolute necessity shall not in any case cause any compensation in favor of the Member, it will however be refunded for the unfulfilled services for online payment.

Article 6 : Financial conditions and payment

Unless specified requirements contradictory to the Conditions Specific, the prices of the Services communicated on the Site are quoted in Euros or local currency, excluding shipping and excluding any taxes imposed by local authorities in some countries.

Bottle Booking Team can make payments on behalf of a member at the request of the Member, directly on the website provider Stripe (updated on the 1st June) (formerly Paymill) with the agreement of the client. Indeed, as a conciergerie service, the company BOTTLE BOOKING has the right to proceed payment directly from the payment provider website and application. In order to proceed to a reservation, the client must send the copy of the credit card ou send the credit card details by email, live messaging app, text or by phone. Before each payment, the client will agree the reservation.

In the absence of special dispositions mentioned on the site prior to booking:
• for OM , a percentage (% ) of the total amount of the benefit will be charged in full at the time of booking, this amount corresponding to a guarantee may vary upon contractual conditions established between BB and the Establishment.
• For all other services, the total amount will be charged as a result of the validation of the booking services by the member.
Prices for services are subject to review and can be rise or decrease in case of change in the amount of taxes, exchange rates that follows the amendment by one of our Partners. No revision of tariffs can’t be made less than 15 days before the event date. However, the reservation threshold may vary at any time in relation to the supply and demand for an event.
Insofar as a partner is no longer able to provide a proposed benefit on the site or welcome guests to his establishment for a specific event Benefit. He may at any time withdraw the benefits of the site and inform Bottle Booking that he cannot fulfill one or more services. Therefore, our team will check on the site that non - possible benefits are not displayed, informing the Member that our partner cannot honor the service (s) and will refund the amount paid for them.
Prices for OM, which are provided directly by BottleBooking SARL, include the amount of tax on the added value. Are expressed all taxes included: Rates displayed online, the amount to be paid online and the balance to be paid to Partners. The VAT amount for these services will be subject to the appreciation of partner and not of BottleBooking SARL. In the case of local taxes the Member is invited to inquire directly with the Partner in charge of the Service.
The attention of members is drawn to the fact that some additional local taxes may be imposed by local authorities in some states and are settled in the establishment. These additional local taxes, if they exist, are the responsibility of the Member and his guests, they are specified on the bill.
Unless contradictory dispositions provided in the Specific Terms of the concern partners concerned, payments made on the Site are made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, CB) via the secure payment service MangoPay and all other cards through PayPal. Stripe is the provider used by the mobile payment.

Unless contradictory notification by email or telephone by the Partner or Team BOTTLE BOOKING SARL, your order is guaranteed upon receiving a booking confirmation on the email specified in Site PARAMETERS.
Article 7. Service users and claims

7.1 Claims service
Any request for special services, information, details and any claims should be addressed to Bottle Booking:
• By phone at: + (33) 781 68 87 38
• By e-mail at the following address:
Booking Bottle is able to achieve any kind personalized services in collaboration with its partners, do not hesitate to contact us to organize a birthday, a trip …
Complaints will be accepted only if the problem have been reported to Bottle Booking or to the partner during an event so that it attempted to address so that the injury suffered by the Member is limited.
Article 8. Responsibilities and guarantees

8.1 For Site use

No warranty is given to the Member in:
• The absence of anomalies, errors and bugs that could affect navigation on the Site or the implementation of any features offered on the Site.
• The opportunity to correct these anomalies, errors or bugs.
• The absence of any interruption or failure in the operation of the Site.
• The possible site compatibility with a hardware or configuration.
In no case will be liable for any direct, indirect and / or consequential, foreseeable or unforeseeable (including loss of profits or of a chance ... ) arising out of the provision and / or use or the total or partial impossibility to use.
The hyperlinks on the Site redirecting the Member to other websites are only intended to facilitate the Member searches.
In any case, the Member states to know the Internet, characteristics and limitations in particular its technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring data and the risks link to the communications security.
8.2 For Services

Once a reservation is made by a Member, the latter undertakes to honor the reservation according to the number of persons specified, the arrival time, meet the booking threshold provided thus the deposit payment and the rest to be paid to the establishment, as specified in the steps of booking and ticket reservation.
Unless legal provisions and with the exception of OM , the Member acknowledges that acting as a mere intermediary, may not, under any circumstances, be held liable for services contracts concluded by  the Member has concluded with a or more partner (s) .
The Institution is committed to providing quality service and consumables to BB Members having ordered on the Portal. Including a "VIP" welcome in the establishment, efficient service in the dining room to deduct from the deposit already paid on the Portal. The cost of services provided by the staff will not be included in the reservation fee,
Article 9.Intellectual Property 

9.1. Generalities

The Site , its content and all constituent elements, are works for which group companies and / or, where applicable, partners, hold the full intellectual property rights and / or rights of exploitation, particularly under copyright law databases, trademark law , the image right and the designs right.
The Site, as well as software , databases , text , information, analyzes , images, photographs, graphics , logos, sound or any other content on the Site are the exclusive property of group companies and / or partners or if any, of the respective owners with which they have signed a use agreement.
It is granted to a Member entitled to non- exclusive and non-transferable use of the Site and the information contained on the Site. The right consists of (i) a right to access the data and information contained on the Site and (ii) a right of reproduction consisting of printing and / or backup of data and information available online. This right of use applies only for private use.
Any other use of the Site, especially commercial, from the Member is prohibited. Members shall refrain in particular , but not limited to , reproducing and / or display for any purpose other than private, sell, distribute, transmit, translate , adapt, disseminate and communicate wholly or partially in any form whatsoever any element information or data from the Site.
In addition, the Member is prohibited to introduce, by any means whatsoever, data that may alter or affect the content or presentation of the Site.
Any hypertext link to the Site, regardless of the link type, must be subject to prior authorization from, acting on behalf and for the account of the holder of the right concerned, in paper or electronic.
9.2. Software
The use of any software downloaded from the site that give access to some services or functionality is govern by the license terms. The Member agrees not to install copy or use this software before having agreed to the license terms.
For any software that doesn’t come with a license, the Member receives access to a temporary, private, personal, non transferable and non exclusive usage of this software to be able to, only for that reason, access the services and functionalities for which the use of this software is required. By installing or using this software, the Member agrees to respect this condition.
Article 10. Personal Data Protection
The information provided by the Member on the Site allows you to process and execute commands.
The Privacy Policy available on the Site stops all specifications relating to personal data protection. In case of inconsistency between these General Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the latter shall prevail.
In compliance with Article 32 of the Data Processing and Civil Liberties Law on January 6 1978 amended by Law 2004-801 on August 6 2004, needed to process and execute commands, are indicated by an asterisk within the Site pages.
Other inquiries calling for an optional response or information relating to the Member interest for offers may be sent to him are done to get to know him better and to improve the services that are offered to him.
All information provided by the Member on the Site is collected and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy terms available here:
Unless expressly opposed by the Member, may be required to provide this optional information concerning the Member to its affiliates including outside the European Union and especially in the United States. The Member expressly agrees to this transfer. may contact the Member by any means (electronic, paper, sms, etc...) with information to better understand and better use their websites, to offer him promotional offers posted on these sites and to propose offers from their Partners in strict compliance with the " law to support confidence in the digital economy " and the modified law " Data Processing and Civil Liberties Law ", subject to the prior consent or refusal by the member, as the case referred to in the Privacy Policy.
The occurrence of unpaid invoices due to fraudulent use of a debit card will result in the inscription of the coordinates with respect to the Member order who is the source of this outstanding within a payment incident file set implemented by the insurer and under its responsibility.
In accordance with the Data Processing and Civil Liberties Law of 6 January 1978, the Member shall have, at any time, the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them. He can exercise it by sending an e-mail from under
The acceptance of the provisions of these General Conditions by the Member implies acceptance of all the provisions of the Privacy Policy
Applicable from November, 1st2013
Updated on April, 1st 2016
The payment provider has been updated on the 1st June 2015 (BOTTLEBOOKING is now using Stripe ( to proceed payment on its application and soon website)
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